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A brief history of

Montgomery County, KY

When Kentucky was founded in 1792, there were nine original counties: Bourbon, Madison, Mason, Nelson, Woodford, Mercer, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Fayette.  Montgomery County was created in 1797 and was the 22nd county established in the Commonwealth.  Montgomery County was formed from a part of Clark County.  When formed, Montgomery County actually stretched all the way to present-day Virginia.  Eventually, seven counties would be formed from her boundaries.  Montgomery County’s present-day boundary was established in 1869 with the creation of Menifee County.

Montgomery County was named for Richard Montgomery.  Montgomery was born in Ireland and moved to America in 1773.  At the start of the American Revolution, he was commissioned as a Brigadier General in the Continental Army.  In September of 1775, he led the invasion of Canada capturing Fort St. Johns and Montreal.  On 31 December he was killed while leading an assault on Quebec.


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